Hit the Xbox One reset switch?

For the record, I was totally fine with the Xbox One as it was before the U turn and I'm disgusted at the way tech news have reported on it since the beginning (although not surprised, Microsoft could cure cancer and they'd be slagged off for it somehow).

But it has happened and I can't see any more U turns to get us anywhere close to a truly all round next gen system that the Xbox One could have been.

Perhaps the best thing MS could do is scrap the XBox One right now.

If they did then they could, if they really busted their nuts at it, address the feedback from EACH side of the U turn and come back with something awesome with JUST ENOUGH time to hit the same launch window.

Of course, they would have to let the world know that this is the plan or risk getting lost completely.

To be clear, I'm not suggesting any significant hardware changes. Only cosmetic, positioning and content delivery things. After all, nobody is really suggesting there are a serious hardware problem with the Xbox One. Thankfully. Because that WOULD be hard to address.

Here's what I'm suggesting for a reset:

  • New name - there's too much confusion and negativity around Xbox One brand now
  • New box design - nobody really liked it anyway
  • Hybrid digital content management system - take all the feedback on board and build a hybrid system rather than the polarized experiences that have been presented so far. Make digital or physical a choice
  • Clear messaging - explain the benefits and maybe even point out why Sony's position sucks because it doesn't innovate
  • Make Kinect optional but significantly cheaper if purchased with a console

Yes, this would probably mean sacrificing some execs. Yes, it would mean another round of tech blogs killing MS. But the result could become a genuine victory.

All it would take is some serious humble pie, lots of late night pizzas in Redmond, some good ears, some serious guts, and a pr guru from outer space.