Instagram Video and how it can really matter.

Today Instagram (plus Facebook obviously as it was their event) announced Instagram Video. It almost entirely resembled Twitter's Vine social platform, which was the general prediction. Just hold to record segments, some filters to add character, etc. I think most people just saw that and immediately didn't think to even consider the second "feature" that Instagram announced in addition to just video capture.

It would seem the overall opinion is that Cinema doesn't really hold much value. It's just video stabilization. That doesn't seem too necessary on a video that won't be longer than 15 seconds. But the thing is, I think it actually makes a pretty significant difference. I'm 20 years old, but I have pretty irritating hand tremors; it's a genetic issue called Benign Tremors. So I take photos and videos much like older people or caffeinated people who might be unable to capture smooth shots. Believe it or not, it can be a very annoying health problem. I can imagine wanting to record a quick video of my baby cousin and winding up only getting some barely legible blur.

The initial announcement was boring, I think we can all agree on that. But I'll admit I'm pretty excited for Cinema. I think a lot of people may actually feel that they can upload quality Instagram videos thanks to Cinema, whereas for Vine it might've just been a possibility with a margin of error (creating a shaky & boring video that nobody wants to waste several seconds on). It seems like Facebook and Instagram particularly wanted to expand the possible audience for Instagram videos. I know that I'll feel more comfortable trying to at least use the feature once in a while and also really hope they will add the stabilization to the still photos side as well if possible.