iOS7 - First impressions

Played with iOS7 for the first time today. A friend has installed it on his 4S. Messed about with it for about an hour.

Some things I was pleasantly surprised at, others were even worse than I expected.

The whole layers/parallax thing is beautiful and works very well. A real sense of depth and progression. The way things fade in and out or shrink and grow is lovely.The icons look a lot better "in the flesh" than in pictures

Safari is great - faster, smooth, easy to navigate, full screen and disappearing bars - superb. But: The racked tabs jar against the horizontal scrolling in the multitasking menu. It's pretty but not very logical.

Messages is nice

Mail is nice - navigation works well

Calendar: Nice and clear but wtf? It doesn't show days you have appointments?

The phone interface is just horrid - cheap, nasty, unfinished. Particularly the answer/decline/respond screen. If this is flat design you can stuff it

Multitasking interface - pretty but less efficient . Unless you have multiple documents in an app or multiple instances, the preview serves no purpose. And I have to agree with someone who posted here before - it isn't copying WebOS, it is copying the interface they just got rid of on Safari!

Control centre - meh. I like the way it floats semi-tramsparently but I disagree with the whole idea of micromanaging settings and there is just too much on there. The whole botton row is just junk. It also comes up far too easily

Notification centre: Love theToday screen (WIn Mob's best feature!), missed tab is pretty useless

Camera - good. Nice and simple to use

Overall performance seemed fine. My friend says it runs hot and drains battery fast but I guess you expect that from a beta. And on that, I expected the functionality to be buggy - I really didn't expect the look and feel to be half finished.

Hopefully they will tidy things up before launch. At the moment it just feels disjointed. The prime example being the lock-screen where the "slide to unlock" has an up arrow but you actually still slide right. Who the though that was a clever idea?