AppleTV Rant

It's frustrating to receive an update to AppleTV that offer services that mostly apply to cable subscribers and nothing substantial to compete with what Roku offers. Speaking as a AppleTV user, we're in need of unified search, apps that share info, and more independent (not cable) content services.

I love having my pictures sync to my AppleTV from my phone. Airplay is great for showing a video to a group of people, if you're on a 5ghz network. The UI of AppleTV has been way better than any other I've tried, but I haven't tried Roku's new interface. I think Roku has unified search and has way more content. It's a tempting prospect to switch.

I'm realizing as I write this that perhaps this rant is unnecessary. In light of Apple showing off their new OS's, particularly iOS 7, AppleTV is looking in need of a major overhaul itself. If the gloss is leaving iOS, it won't stay in the TV interface for long. I imagine that when they flatten that interface they'll want to make some structural changes, too. Perhaps Jony is hacking away at it as we speak.