How about the iPhone Ultra?

There's been a lot of rumors about bigger iPhones like 4,7 inches to 5,7 inches, passing by 5 inches, and I think if Apple continues with the 4 inch iPhone and launches an bigger iPhone with a Retina Full HD 5 inches screen it would be an extremely sucessfull smartphone.

I think that big iPhone would be launched in September and be like that:

Name: iPhone Ultra

Software: iOS 7

Design: Just a scalled up iPhone 5, with the same margins but only 7 mm thickness, and possibly most resistant materials

Weight: 108 grams

Screen: Retina Full HD screen

Processor: 2,4 gigahertz A7X

3 gigabytes of ram

Stereo speakers

A stylus

100 $ more expensive than the iPhone 5S

So would you buy one of those?