Just jumped the MS ship. What to put on my new MBA?

So, I've been a die hard Windows user all my life and kinda always thought OSX looked a bit too cumbersome and clumsy to use for someone used to the Windows way of life. But, having upgraded my 2 year old HP notebook to W8 and found it wasn't all that great of an experience, I had to decide whether to upgrade to a newer Windows Ultrabook or to go with something completely different.

I really liked some of the workflow tools Apple presented, like tabs and tags, with OSX Mavericks. And the refreshed Macbook Airs seemed perfect for my use.

So her I am, Core i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage MBA in hand, and what do you know: Not hatin it!
(apart from the "stickiness" of double tapping to drag windows and having to release my fingers for 2 secs give or take for the mouse to release the window - driving me nuts)

BUT - Having been completely ignorant to the world of Macs most of my life I have no idea what programs/apps etc I should get to further improve the experience and efficiency of OSX. For example I really liked Aero Snap for W7/8, and I know there are several offerings available for mac. But which of them is better? Free or paid?

Fellow Macers - any suggestions?

Thanks, Ben