How much $ is too much $ for the next generation gaming consoles?

After having read many articles about the price of the next generation of consoles, I'm left confused. If you buy a new cellphone you spend $600 or more, you may not see it at the time of purchase but you paid it, one way or another. A 16GB tablet can be $500. Make that tablet one of a larger storage capacity and watch the price climb. Nice laptops can run $1500. Many, sites and commenters are writing that $500 is too much for a console and some have mentioned that $400 is too much. Am I alone in the thought that these are reasonable prices, compared to the other products I've mentioned? $400 or $500 doesn't seem out of place. I can understand that for many people it may be difficult to afford, but is it unreasonable for what you get? I think not, but what to the masses think?