I really don't like Microsoft, but OneNote is maybe the greatest thing ever

I hate Microsoft. I hate windows.

Iv been with both since i was a small boy, culminating over the years into a Zune HD, about 5 laptops, 4 custom build gaming rigs, a million upgrades and mods, and so on. But windows isnt solving any problems i have, its not making me happy, its not changing in the ways i thought it should. And so iv gone the way of Google and Apple.

I bought an HP TM2 a few years back to go to college, more spesificaly to use Microsoft Office OneNote. And while i hate every minute of trying to use windows on a touch screen, and i cant stand whats happend to the file explorer since win95 when it made sense, and 8 didnt make any thing better for me anyway. OneNote has changed my life.

It is the single most incredible application iv ever used. Its possibly my favorite piece of software that iv ever used. It achieved the dream, its better than a piece of paper, largly because it dosnt try to copy one. Every app or widget iv seen for note taking is just an emulated page in an emulated notebook, and thats insane. When you run out of page space in one note, some more appears, when you select words, you can move them. When you draw, nothing snaps or smooths, it just it. Zooming in is crisp because lines are vectored, not drawn. Its amazing. I refuse to get rid of that heaping pile of garbage i call a laptop, just because one note is on it.

I haven't had to write a physical note in 3 years. OneNote is just that brilliant.