SSD upgrade on a '08 iMac worth it (for parallel)?

Hey Verge members,

I've been a long time lurker and am a first time poster (in the forums). Well lets get right to it: my 2008 iMac's age is starting to show--iPhoto constantly freezes, I can't open System Pref. or Activity Monitor to check my disk usage-- and am wondering whether I should get an SSD upgrade in order to run parallels with windows 8. My concern is the ram is maxed out at 4GB and I am planning on giving this machine to my dad for the home-who runs parallels at work with 8 GB in his '10 iMac. His iMac initially came with 4GB stock and Parallel was a bit sluggish for him, hence the 8GB upgrade; however he does not have an SSD on his '10 iMac at work.

My question is: will an SSD compensate for the diminutive amount of ram (4GB) to run parallels efficiently on a 08' iMac? My concern is I don't want to waste the investment if the computer can't handle the task. Any brand recommendations for the SSD would be helpful too.

Here are the specs:

-3.06 GHz

-4 GB 800 MHz Ram

-1 TB Western Digital HD (Black)