I'm lost... HTC & The Press

Isn't HTC only second to Samsung in terms of market share on Android and mind share? Also I keep hearing that they recruited some folks from Apple and Nokia. Lastly aren't they actually selling more of these One phones than any other phone is the past year or two. Oh... And aren't they the third manufacturer to have their flagship device on all four major carriers, something that only Apple and Samsung have been able to do in the USA.

I don't hear about LG, or ZTE etc "failing" and they don't rack in nearly as much money as HTC. To say they are failing and are going to go the way of old yeller is beyond far fetched, and personally I'm tired of hearing about how Win8 is failing etc and windows phones sucks. Honestly I've seen plenty of Windows Phones in the wild and Microsoft advertising is highly aggressive. Why all the bad press on these companies Apple and Samsung may lead but that does not make everyone else a fail. I would like to hear some good news from the press for once.... Verge.