Siracusa gets the whole iOS icon thing...

Just listened to the accidental podcast and felt the Siricussa totally gets why the icons and general design on iOS 7 is the way it is. The most groud breaking design work breaks rules, in fact the most ground breaking anything art wise has to break rules. It has to polorise and create criticism. There has to be elements that are jarring and non conventional otherwise you just get the same old shit.

The fashion and print industry does this all the time. Magazine layouts for publications like Fader or iD mess around with type, outlandish colours and even legibility to make things new and fresh. With retina resolution we can now treat the digital canvas as if it were paper and not a set of dots that we've been struggling with since the 70's to convey information.

All the "this is how they should have done it" designs look exactly how you would expect them to look. Uninspiring. They are all kind of "group thinky". They reach similar conclusions because they are informed by the same rules. That's not the way to go.

Ive is not doing design he is curating design work. Just as he went with the iMac with the crane neck thing or the original bubble gum coloured iMacs he's not afraid to stick his neck out and jarr people. Ultimately, design is best as a dictatorship rather than by committee. When someone as well versed in the field as Ive says yes to something I think you would have to tread very carefully about criticising him. Breaking rules on purpose is what he does best.