AtivBook 9 Lite : Am i the only one who cares?

Am i the only one who cares about the AtivBook 9 Lite?

I genuinely dont give a flying F*ck about Haswell *PERSONALLY* as i dont push my laptops to the limit, i have a desktop rig for that stuff, im not going to video edit on my laptop, im not using photoshop,im not gaming.

So the AMD APU in the 9 Lite seems great to me, i dont see why they didnt max it out with the A10,but hey ho, i really like AMD, *i* much prefer them to intel, because like i said i dont want to do things to my laptop that are so heavy the Fans ramp up so high it sounds like they are about to say "ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck he's about to do something intense"

so if they can use the same body as the 9 Plus, same thicknesss, similar weight,but with an AMD APU, the lower res screen (i'll get to this in a minute) i'll be happy. If they can get the price right.

Now that screen, i know that Samsung is going to market this as a thin,light,ultra portable cheap*er* alternative to their flagship laptop, and a way to cut costs is to systematically cut out the biggest cost, which is intel (which still likes to charge too much) and then the screen, and obviously, the 3200x1800 screen itself is probably about the cost of this entire laptop, so thats what they cut out next, but 1366x78? in 2013? , man that res was on the way out in 2010, just, just put 1600x900 in, make that a "low-end" resolution, because its still acceptable in these days.

Anywho, like i said im just wondering if its just me that gives a flying fuck about the AtivBook 9 Lite? if it comes in at around £400-£600 , i might have to save up for it