Confessions of a Windows Phone User.

I have been a user of the Windows Phone ever since it was releasedI tried to justify my reasons for buying the Nokia Lumina 820, but I just cannot see how WP's can remotely compete with the leading smartphones of today. The lack of apps is horrendous, and the more I used the unique interface, the more annoying it became. It is laid out rather poorly. It looks amazing in a screenshot, but this is a case of aesthetics over functionality. The phone lacks functionality. It's that simple Was Microsoft drunk when they came up with this UI? And on another topic, the Play Store and the App Store are lightyears ahead of what Windows has to offer. WP cannot compete. Blackberry is even way ahead of it. Windows Phones should not even be considered to be smartphones, but more of a premium feature phone. I have one positive thing to say about the phone though, and that is the camera. The camera UI was horrible, but the hardware was not bad. Other than that, I completely regret purchasing the phone. Windows is in serious trouble. Their products are complete garbage. No innovation at all. Windows 8 sucks too. And Ballmer is not helping. He is just a fool. They are going to crash and burn, and you know why? All their products suck! And to all you WP users, locked into a 2-Year contract of depression, comment. I would like your feedback.