WP lack of vision

WP have lots of limitations, but for me it seems like the number one limitation is Microsoft.

Aside from software, I'll highlight mostly the limitations on the hardware side,

  • Limited resolution could have been made better if they made it future proof and limit it at 1080p instead of 720p.
  • RAM size could have been limited at 2GB instead of 1GB.
  • Support for better, futureproof and newer SoCs.

Most phone would still probably use 1GB of RAM at WP8 release, but they could've left a bit of room for growth when they first decide this limitations. If they did, Nokia could've come up with 5" devices by now for example or an even better 4.x" displays.

EDIT: Bottom Line

What I'm saying is that with better limitations manufacturers could have differentiate better, make more attractive devices, sell even more devices, which means they would attract more developers, and have better apps compared to today.

Now, if this is cause by the lack of vision, then... I'm worried about the future of WP, I want to know what you think about this,

Do you think this is the lack of vision from Microsoft engineering team, or perhaps you think these limitations are being put in place because Microsoft is being too conservative and don't want to take too much risk, or worse, is it maybe sales strategy.