The perfect laptop

After seeing the latest hardware reveals from Samsung, I got an idea about the kind of laptop I'd be willing to throw money at.

Their Q thing looked very interesting until I realized that you're paying extra for Windows 8 and all the caveats that come with it. Running Android alongside a desktop OS is a bit weird. It's a bit like using a stove to heat up a car. Sure, some people have done and it might be a good idea in essence but it's still weird.

Then I realized that there is a much better potential candidate for a dual booting device. Chrome OS. Just imagine a laptop with high quality finish, great screen, touch enabled, a keyboard and touchpad, with some kind of funky but functional hinge system that could make it useable as a tablet, a digitizer and all the bells and whistles that come with most Android devices.

Chrome OS would be ideal for editing, writing and browsing and Android would cover everything else. Why isn't anyone making this?