The Play Store is an absolute disaster

Alright, since the new update to the Play Store, I have been seething at the lack of discovery of apps. A few of the problems exist since it ever launched and some have arisen since the update.

1. Discovery of new Apps - I don't want stupid recommendations by Google. I want to see the apps that are currently popular but guess what, they had a perfectly fine Metro-ish view of the up and coming apps and games in the older version that was soon abandoned in favour of the new cards style. I don't even open the Play Store anymore to find apps. The new version definitely looks better but why sacrifice the functionality?

Old -


New -


2. Remove Games from the Apps list - 8 out of the top 10 selling Apps are games. I don't really play games, but considering they have their separate category, I don't see why they need to be placed in the Apps section

3. Game categories - Widgets? Live Wallpapers? Really? Google, it's like you're not even trying.