The Perfect Device

I had an Idea for a perfect computing device. I am not an engineer so I do not know what it would take to create a device like this or if it is even possilbe. I wanted to know what you guys thought and if there is any actual limitations in being able to implement my ideas.

Form Factor

The device will contain a 13.3 1080P touch screen. It will be a dockable tablet to a physical keyboard. The tablet will weigh in at roughly 1.5 pounds(hopefully less) and will utilize a smart bezel system. This allows the tablet to have an edge to edge display but when in tablet mode will be easy to hold and use. The keyboard dock will weigh in at roughly 2.0 pounds (possibly more for balancing issues).



This is where it gets tricky. The computer will contain 2 different processors. One being a new Haswell core i5 which will be located inside the keyboard. The other processor would be a Snapdragon 800 located inside the tablet. The idea is to allow these two processors to work independent of each other. (It would be cool if in the future they allowed the Snapdragon to run the start screen and have Haswell waiting for more demanding tasks, like desktop programs.)


The tablet would have 64gb of internal storage with a sim card for expandable memory. The Keyboard would have a 128gb SSD. The tablet would contain 2gb of Ram with the keyboard providing 2gb of ram as well. Combined it would total to 4.

I am not sure if it is possible to share RAM like I am talking about if not there would have to be 4gb of ram inside the keyboard dock.


The tablet would contain a 31.5 W-h battery to power itself. The Keyboard would contain a 44 W-h battery to expand battery life when plugged in. This would create a device that last a very long time when together and a fair amount when separated.

The device would technically be 2 devices. That can run independently of each other.


Once you plugged in the tablet to the keyboard the Haswell processor would begin to take over from the snapdragon. Since wake from sleep is near instant this would not take long. The tablet will be running Windows RT and the keyboard would run Windows 8.

Why the device is perfect.

If Microsoft perfectly links start screens the transition from RT to Window 8 would be seamless. It could handle all software and provide a great tablet.The device could meet everyone's needs especially if you add in a digitizer.

Why I believe it could work

The inspiration came from some devices currently on the market. The Samsung Series 9 weighs 2.5 pounds. It has roughly the same internals as the keyboard portion of the above device. The Surface weights in at 1.5 pounds,I imagine it would be possible to reduce that even more as other OEM's have done. The tablet has similar specifications to the surface.

If this were real and cost $1400-$1700 dollars would it be something you would be interested in. I know I would have bought it.