How often do YOU do it? (An interactive post)

I do it, you do it, we all do it. It feels good- What am I talking about?? Customization of course. When I got my HTC One I hated the sense launcher for one reason. The app Drawer. However I could not switch launchers because there was one feature that I absolutely loved, one feature that keeps me from switching phones (Besides the screen) I'm talking about BlinkFeed.

Recently, I've downloaded "Everything.Me" Been rocking this Dynamic Launcher for about 2 weeks. It's crazy how it works, I've used more than 12 launchers but this one has captured me and the Devs care. Of course I still need my blinkfeed so I added a shortcut to my lockscreen which solves that problem. With that said I thought it would be cool to see how often the Army changes things on their phone, since one of the things I see touted the most is "Android is for those who love customization" - I don't think that's the only reason but one of many. So;

How often do you change launchers?

I change launchers probably once every 3 months I kept Nova launcher for about Six, and I don't see me changing from Everything.Me Beta since I had a discussion with the Devs and they are no only keeping it updated with an awesome new set of features but they plan on keep it free. (I would not mind paying for a pro version but whatever, she did say they might add paid extensions).





How Often Do You Change Wallpapers?

I literally can keep the same wallpaper for months maybe 6 months. However I will change it if I'm going out and want to be a show off then I'll use a fancy live wallpaper, or if I just want my phone case to match my wallpaper and outfit I'll change it for that also. Mostly however it's a picture of these guys. They're like my kids.


There's a really cool live wallpaper called Paperland, I used that for a while also. Right now I alternate between the red one in my screen shots and my parakeets.

How often do you change ROMs?

I kept one ROM for about a year when I was on my HTC Sensations and I have never downloaded another one. I like to keep it stock, a lot of what I want to accomplish can be done with a launcher. If you have a favorite ROM list it, and tell us why.

How often do you change cases?

With my GS3 I changed cases three times, my Ex bought me a really cool case and I kept that for about 3 months...then we broke up and I could not stand the sight of the case or the memories of when I got it. (Heartbreak) However my best friend changes his case based on his outfit (Which is too much work for everyday change) - I however don't really use a case on my One because I can't seem to find one I like. (Any One owners with recommendations would be awesome). I saw a fellow army member Wingzeroo post an epic case of his GS3, it's made of metal or something, but you had to remove the back, I thought that was cool.


And lastly, the big one-

How often do you change ANDROID Phones?

I capped Android because I wanted to keep on topic away from flame wars etc. I'll post when I got the phone and why and my experience.

I'll go first.

HTC Sensations (Day Of Release) - Perfect Screen Size.

HTC EVO 3D (Month of Release) - POS, bulky and just a gimmick of a phone, might have kept it for about a month if that.

Galaxy Nexus (Week of Release) - Really good screen size, love the on screen buttons and I just had to have ICS. Downfall was it was not as stable on the first release, and it had that strange reboot problem for a while. Wacky things kept happening but I did not care, I loved that phone.

Galaxy S3 (Month of Release) Got tired of hearing about How the S2 was such an amazing phone. I fell for Samsungs marketing, and my Galaxy Nexus was pissing me off. I only miss that feature where you can scroll by sliding your hand on the side of the screen.

HTC One (Pre Ordered - Recieved Day of release) I've never been happier with a phone, the screen makes my GS3 look like,... well a QHD display with horrid color reproduction. I love this phone although there are clearly some things that annoy me about it that I've gotten over.

Feel free to post screen shots, cases, wallpaper etc.

So . . .

How often do YOU do it?