What are you Stock App replacements?

The first time I held an Android device at a store I felt like, the native Android Apps are good, but I need more options. But I didn't care for that initially, and continued using phone with native apps.

Not that Native Apps are bad, but I was always looking for something better than them. And this is now the status of default Google Apps on my phone:


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So, here is my alternatives list:

1. Chrome: The Chrome browser on Android is good, but I hated the fact that there is no way to set a home page for the browser! It always opens up the last viewed browser page when I never wanted it to. The tab management on the Chrome mobile is horrible. On top of that the browser lags a lot and uses up battery a lot. A session of 30 minutes browsing made my battery go down by 8-9%!

I decided to use something extremely lightweight which and found out this app called Boat Browser. It is 3 MB in size and has everything that chrome lacks. A simple lightweight browser and this time I do not see heavy battery drop. I see its not more than 5%.

P.S: I just discovered another gem of an app called "Bookmarks home". This is a beautiful app and is the best bookmarks organizer app I have seen. Just give it a try once.

2. Google Play Music: I loved the Google play music app initially but I felt the best way to use it is only in landscape mode and many of my iPhone friends dismissed it saying its just a Rip off of iTunes on iPhones. Also I did not like the Fonts and Orange color nature of Google Play music.

And then I found this amazing music player called N7 player:


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Many people confuse it to be a Nexus 7 player but no its a separate music player.
It just organizes your screen with all the artists that you have in your phone and I just love that. And I felt the way it automatically applies missing album arts is much superior then PowerAmp or any other app. A very cool equalizer and excellent headphone control response. I couldn't have been more contended with my music experience on an Android phone. This app was probably the first app that I had bought from Play store!

3. Gallery:

The stock Gallery App to show photos is pretty Good. But it lacked a few features like, ability to hide certain unwanted folders in the list. So I decided to search for alternatives.
And it was pretty easy to find out QuickPic app from play store which has this additional ability of increasing the brightness of screen while seeing photos. Also it can create a shortcut to album onto the desktop screen which is pretty nice indeed. I really appreciate that.
Though the features are good, the app design doesn't look appealing to me and I am still on lookout for something which would Wow me in this area. I would love to see your inputs on the alternatives.

4. Stock Launcher:

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The stock launcher is pretty good. No one can deny that for sure. But when you see the launchers that are available in the play store you will definitely be tempted to try them out and I decided to go ahead with NOVA launcher.

So, what is your native app replacement list? I would be very happy to see some screenshots as well.