Need some laptop advice

Hello All,

My girlfriend is currently using a 2007 acer that is hanging on by a thread. She will be going to Germany for a semester for grad school in August and needs a new laptop. We both fear it getting beat up or stolen as she travels around europe, so we want something really cheap that can last her for the year and be relatively hassle free. I am tech support so I'd like something that is pretty solid and will be worry free. She has never used windows 8 and I worry the learning curve will be a huge burden for me to work through, but nonetheless windows 7 laptops are few and far between. I have been doing an exhaustive search and it seems like the two best options are:

Asus X401U


Asus X202E

The 202 has a touch screen which I think will help with putting up with windows 8, but the X401 is substantially cheaper.

She will be doing basic word processing and maybe doing simple runs of SPSS. Nothing fancy, so the power differential doesn't seem very important to me. What do you all think? Have I missed any good gems. It seems like the market for cheap small laptops pretty much died with windows 8. All the Acer Aspire Ones and EEPCs died a most likely well deserved death.