Discover New Music by Tweeting my Music Recommendation Bot

Hi everyone. I spent yesterday afternoon creating a bot on Twitter that will take in a song you like and will suggest another song you might also like based on your song. I discovered a few new bands during its development and thought I'd post it here. You don't need to follow the account (but you can for updates), you just simply tweet @WhatTrack with your tweet formatted "@WhatTrack Artist Name - Song Title" e.g.

@WhatTrack Iron Maiden - Hallowed by thy name

The dash is important as it separates the artist and the title of the song. After a minute or so, it'll reply to the tweet with a suggested track. It's powered by Last.FM so it's got quite a large library but it may not be able to return suggestions for obscure tracks.

If there are any issues you run into, let me know and I'll try and get them sorted :)