Need some help on a tablet decision for note-taking

I'm choosing between the Asus VivoTab TF810C ( and the Samsung ATIV Smart Pc 500t ( I need some assistance.

The deets: The specs are nearly identical. I won't purchase a keyboard so those reported issues are irrelevant. The pen is a must, as I want this for college note taking in OneNote. The size is just fine for me. The feel of the Lenovo ThinkPad 2's screen turned me off; my fingers stuck to it. I've tied the ATIV out but can't find the VivoTab in stores.

Where I need help: I've read conflicting reports on A) which screen is brighter and nicer-looking, B) which operates faster with fewer hiccups (my patience with machines is...pretty short), C) Which machine actually has a longer batter life, and D) which machine is less likely to blow up in any sense.

I'm currently inclined toward the Samsung simply because I've tried it and it has more online reviews, but I'm sure that's a dumb reason to prefer it. Also, if I bought the Samsung, I'd also buy a pen with an eraser function, so that issue doesn't matter.

So I guess I'm curious on you guys' opinions on the two machines? Personal experience? Word of mouth? Thanks oodles.