Choose My Next Laptop (Usage Scenarios Provided)

So I'm in the market for a new computer. At this point, I think I've decided that I want to go with a MacBook for a change (I've been a longtime PC user). The only thing is I can't decide between a new Air or an rMBP (when they get Haswell). Here's how my usage would probably break down:

The largest majority of the time will probably be spent spent online in a browser. Behind that, word processing will most likely come second. I also like code, so I'll rank that as number three. During all of these activities, music will probably be playing in the background. In fact, many of these activities will probably overlap (for example, researching something online while I type up a paper). From what I understand, the Air should be able to handle these (especially if I order online and max out the specs).

Here's the part that I'm unsure of. While I understand the Air isn't a gaming machine, I'd like to at least be able to squeeze in some Minecraft if I have downtime between classes. In addition, since I'm coming from Windows, I'd like to still be able to go back to that as needed, so I'm planning to pick up a copy of Parallels as well. I think the MacBook Pro will be able to handle these, but how would the Air hold up? And even if the Air can handle these tasks individually, can I still multitask with them (like playing music in the background with Minecraft running at the same time)?

What attracts me about the Air is the battery life and portability. While it's not common, I have found myself in situations recently where I'm low on power and can't find a free outlet. The Air would eliminate this problem. That said, I think the 7 hours of the rMBP would also be great for me. What I like about the rMBP is the retina display and the extra processing power over the Air. But if the Air can handle what I need, I might be better off just going with that. I'd get to save some cash in the process.

So what do you think? Air or rMBP? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!