Has your Galaxy Nexus slowed down too?

I've had the Galaxy Nexus since around the time Android 4.1 was released, and when I first got it it was incredibly smooth and fast. It would surprise me on a regular basis at how well it would run.

But since then I've updated to 4.2, tried rooting it, and have done all sorts of things to try to get it to run well. But it just continues to be slow and hitchy.

My question is has this been the case with most Galaxy Nexus owners? Is this just something that happens with phones in general? Do software developers develop for the latest hardware, and as a result perform poorly on older hardware such as the Galaxy Nexus?

Let me know if you've had the same or different Galaxy Nexus experiences, and maybe something I could do to get it back to running well with all the cool new software that Google has released.