Recommendations for a 17" Windows 8 Business Laptop under $1,000

I'm looking for a work computer for my father. All he needs it for is Windows 8 and Microsoft Office. It also must have a 17" screen and the option to hookup an additional monitor.

I've been out of the laptop loop for a long time, and I just want a brand that's reliable. He is not technical at all, so every time he has an issue I have to deal with the phone call.

It must be under $1,000, but I'd love it to be more in the $500 to $800 range if possible. Just didn't know if this was possible with specs I listed above.

Once again, it does not need to be able to handle gaming or photo/video editing of any kind. Just a work computer for running Word, Excel, Outlook, Etc...

Also, is there one brand I should be looking to stay with over any others. I use a Lenovo laptop at work and have been very happy with it so far.

Thanks in advance for the help.