Improving Internet Explorer

I love IE10. Seriously. It’s possibly my favourite browser on Windows, only rivalled in my eyes by Firefox, which was my go-to browser for a number of years. However, I now use IE10 full time and find it to be exactly what I need...a fast, efficient browser. However there are still some features I wish Microsoft would include that competing browsers have, so here’s the couple I’d like.

Microsoft Account Sync – This is my favourite feature of Chrome. The ability to sync bookmarks between all my devices is so convenient that living without it is just annoying at times. Also maybe some ability to save files directly to SkyDrive when saving them could be an interesting feature that would make my life much easier.

Extensions – I only really use one extension. AdBlock Plus. But seriously, not having that one extension on IE really does annoy me, especially as I’m an avid YouTube user and had really got used to it blocking the ads before videos while I used Firefox. I’m aware of add-ons out there, but there’s no central place to find them like there is in Firefox and Chrome.

So okay, those are only 2, but I’m sure there are plenty of others that I just don’t realise yet. The bottom line is, Microsoft is on the right track. IE10 is definitely superior to its predecessors. It’s fast, secure and extremely stable, but there’s still plenty that can be done to improve on the already great experience.

Are there any other features you’d like to see in IE11 or future releases?