picking a Google experience device

So just a quick survey. Who here is buying a Google experience s4 or One on Wednesday?

I am for sure, but I still cant make up my mind on which one. I wish they would release color options for the S4. I love the look of the HTC One, especially against the white S4 which is all they have shown. I also slightly prefer the Ones screen. Of course the materials on the One are much nicer. You also get 32gb vs 16 with the One. I don't use much local storage so that's not a huge factor for me.

With the S4 though you get a better button layout. Possibly a better camera. Its yet to be seen how the Ones ultra pixel camera performs without the HTC software. You can also add wireless charging, which I really like. Expandable storage and battery are no big deal to me, but others like it.

Its really coming down to a much better looking phone vs a few little extra features. I also feel like HTC needs all the support they can get. I feel like they are pushing phone design way more then Samsung with their cheapo feeling plastic phones with no personality.