iOS 7 Suggestion: a light/dark interface toggle.

Was I the only one surprised that all of the iOS 7 demos and photos on Apple's website and the WWDC keynote were with a white iPhone? I think someone (David Pierce? not sure) mentioned in the post-keynote live video commentary that perhaps Apple made this obviously conscious choice because a) it better showcases the light/white UIs in iOS 7 and/or b) the white iPhone might have higher demand than the black one at this point.

Regardless, it seems through the color choices in the new UI that they were designing with a white iPhone in mind. I really think Apple should have a toggle for two different "themes" akin to how windows phone can change interface colors to match the body of the phone, I think that iOS 7 should have a light and dark theme. I would love to have a dark interface on apps like messages and mail. I don't care if it's less "light" feeling; I would love for the OS to match my device. Additionally, I think darker themes in many updated apps would look more professional.

What do you all think?







P.S. I would do a mock-up of a darker themed iOS... but my graphic design skills are fairly limited.