Why does Chrome still suck on android yet AOSP browser is so smooth?

I love chrome on my laptop. It's my favourite browser, But honestly, the android version just plain sucks on every device.
I own a Transformer prime and an HTC one, both incredibly capable devices. Throw chrome at them, suddenly, jerkiness everywhere, skipped frames when scrolling, pinch to zoom etc.) Not only that, but Chrome began to slow my transformer prime down even when I wasn't using it. (Uninstalled it and everything went back to normal.)
Not to mention the fact that Chrome doesn't even have a permanent desktop mode for tablets.

I'd love chrome to be the default browser as I like the idea of tab syncing, however it's ridiculous that the user experience in mobile chrome is so bad. Some nexus devices run chrome ok, but not great, but it can't just run fine with one device... it should run well across all devices as it's the most important and most frequently used app is any phone/tablet.

The fact that aosp browser is so smooth, even when running flash, shows how capable the devices are. It means that much of the lag in android CAN be fixed with software. Should that not be androids top priority?