Why Google Doesn't Support Windows Phone and Windows 8

I am sure we all have noticed that Google is continuously denying to support Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Now the argument about not having enough users is just really a cover up cause last time I looked up windows 8 is gaining market share faster also windows phone too.

Google is billion dollar company, so making an app wouldn't be that difficult for them. I don't believe they are waiting for users to make app(Yahoo Developed Apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone) they are simply just trying in their own way to get windows 8 and windows phone from taking off.

Here are some reasons why Google doesn't want Windows Phone and Windows 8 to ever take off.

1. Android gets direct competition from W8 and WP whether its tablet or phone market.

2. Bing is deeply integrated into both the W8 and WP, last thing Google wants is more people recognizing Bing as an alternative.

3. They certainty don't want to Internet Explorer to be a favorite browser(i use to never use it and but since IE10 i don't think i need chrome or Firefox)

4. SkyDrive competes with Google drive and if people will have SkyDrive integrated this much on the Operating system who will use Google Drive.

5. Microsoft is going with all in one vision taking all their services together and Google is not a fan of it.

6. Google earns 97% of their revenue with advertising and so they need to make sure their services are not facing that much direct competition and with both windows 8 and WP they do.

These were all i could think of what y'all think are the reasons Google is not supporting W8 and WP?