Might leave the Verge (contd.)

There was a discussion going on in Microsoft Tribe which has just been locked. There's no explanation that I could see for that, though there is a post saying that Meta is the correct forum for such discussions. It seems rather odd that people shouldn't be allowed to discuss things in the community which they are part of, but have to go to a different section where many of the posters your normally discuss things with wont be aware of the dialogue. And quite frankly, where there's not much traffic anyway. I have a nagging doubt that given the nature of the topic, it wasn't well received, but to give the benefit of the doubt, I'm carrying on the discussion here.

Original Post

Anyway, as I can't reply to the locked post, I'm replying here. I too have been considering leaving the Verge. What has stopped me from going to other sites is essentially the community aspects - people can start their own posts and the comments system is better than most sites. But the content is increasingly lacking. The lack of tech focus is one element (and yes, someone will post the obligatory link to the Verge statement which includes Culture, but that doesn't affect that what I am looking for is tech-news. But there are other elements, also. The reviews are often inadequate, misconceived and inconsistent. FOr inadequate, I mean that they often miss important things or show a lack of understanding. The Helix review skips over a number of relevant features of the device or doesn't understand them. It is apparent in a number of reviews, that the reviewer simply doesn't use Windows and doesn't understand why people use it. For misconceived, I simply mean that the reviewer comes from completely the wrong approach. You can see this in any review of a hybrid device or, again the Helix review for example, where it is compared with an iPad! And for inconsistent, I just mean all the cases where a feature is praised or damned in one device and handled differently in another.

There are other things. The Verge is simply falling short of being journalism too often. Their reporting on the XB1 DRM issues was either shallow for the most part and band-wagon jumping for the rest. Journalism is about investigation and unbiased analysis. I don't see a great deal of that on the Verge. Tom Warren in another post, blamed this on muddy PR from Microsoft, but if I and other posters are able to post insightful analysis with citations in the comments, then there's no excuse for a shallow treatment by the actual site.

Basically, the Verge content isn't meeting my needs. So I'm looking for places that will. The only thing holding me back is finding somewhere with a decent community and comments sections.

There are also technical problems such as their editor failing to work in the highly standards compliant IE10 browser which I use, simple things like not being able to jut see my comments and if anyone has replied, instead of a long list of comments I have recommended (as if I care) and security issues which I have reported months ago (as have others) which endanger visitor's security.

And now, finally, the fact that they locked without explanation, a thread of people discussing other sites. Which is why I'm trying to continue the discussion here rather than this being a simple reply to someone else's post in Microsoft Tribe where people I usually converse with would actually see it.