I wish ignorant, foolish, inciteful, and sexist trolling would stop.

I am not one to usually go on rants but I was talking with a friend last night about ex girlfriends of ours and something really hit home with me. Two of my exs were raped at one point in time. It really pissed me off, and made me very sad when I learned that about them. I never knew that it could happen to someone I know. Yet it does but this isn't the point of my post. The point is that when I hear people in comment sections or in online chat on shooters or any kind of game make stupid jokes about rape, or death, shagging someone's mother. It pisses me off. These kind of things are no laughing matter they are serious. I understand not everyone is involved in this kind of behavior but the ones that are just cut it out.

What do you possible have to gain from this. It just makes me sad, that people act this way. In real life I try to be nice to everyone I meet, and general be a gentleman when I go on dates. It hurts me deeply that some people in the world need to be abusive and controlling to get what they want. They just should stop. Stop posting inane things in flame wars, or fan boy wars. Stop letting your 14 or in some cases 20 year old curse profusely when they die in Call of Duty or Halo. It doesn't matter. Its a game for Christ sakes. It not the end of the world. I don't have a headset at all so I never talk when playing Halo. That may be why 60% of Xbox live users (according to my rep) avoided me for not "being a team player" whatever that is. In the end it useless.

People who do this gain nothing to boost their own ego. In real life they probably have there own issues and insecurities. They probably get a kick out of making fun of others perhaps they get made fun of themselves, and gaming is their outlet. Honestly I hope these type of people get filtered out in online gaming with next get consoles. I just want a fun game with so right modern gentlemen, no cursing, no name calling, and especially no ignorant sexist comments when a girl comes into the mix. I know everyone is human and these kinds of things have gone since the dawn of man, and will continue to go on long after I have passed from this earth. Yet don't you all agree it would be nice everyone could just get along?