One week

So, I'm a week into my foray into Android. I really like my HTC One thus far and I'm thoroughly impressed with how much Android has matured since Honeycomb. I'm still using Sense 5 as I like the general aesthetics of it, plus Blinkfeed takes away a little of my Windows Phone separation anxiety. I've found the OS to be smooth and intuitive, and it's nice having great catalog of apps available, something I haven't really had since I switched from iOS to WP. I'm using as many stock Google apps as possible and it's great that my accounts are syncing properly across my Google and MS services. IN a few months I'll probably start playing around with new launchers etc...all depends on how much I actually use Blinkfeed...I would really like a new icon pack though, the stock set is kinda meh and I've seen other flatter, more minimalist icons that I would prefer. It's kinda funny, I almost feel like I'm having an easier time using Android + Win8 than WP 7.8 + Win 8...Windows phone needs more integration for sure.