Alright, what's going on here?

This is an attempt to be objective and provide constructive feedback; this is in no way an attempt to attack anyone or make any accusations, I swear.

Alright, what's going on with you guys and Apple? I'm not going to use the word "bias" because I hate when people complain about that; I'm just going to point out a trend I've noticed in the last month or so.

1. You guys just published an almost universally panned article that compares mobile iMovie/iPhoto to Vine/Instagram. This isn't inherently bad, it just makes very little sense and really feels like a huge reach just to mention Apple.

2. The WWDC coverage was lazy at best. In fact, I would go as far as calling it terrible. The liveblog featured many snide remarks that seemed to have been from the writers of AndroidPolice.

3. Instead of just posting the (admittedly very good) video that Apple posted about how their design process works, you decided to focus on a misplaced punctuation mark. You can't make this up.

4. Josh did the piece on how "simply confusing" iOS 7's UI was without even using it. Not only that, but he neglected to mention anything with depth about the OS. Rather than focusing on the concept of layers and positional context, he focused on the icons. It was published ASAP after the keynote and reeked of "click bait."

5. OTV featured this video supercut'ing WWDC's use of complimentary adjectives. Beyond the fact that Apple obviously has to sell their products, this came off as a feature created by a bitter Android fan. It was wildly unnecessary and seemed like it was looking for things to complain about.

6. On the same podcast, Josh interviewed a designer about how bad iOS 7 was. That's right. He didn't ask the designer's opinions on iOS 7, he asked his opinions on how bad iOS 7 was. The best part? The designer didn't seem to mind it and actually complimented Apple but Josh kept drilling him, creating a pretty awkward spectacle to behold.

7. Nilay wrote this article about how people still think Apple can innovate but that they're unhappy with Apple because they haven't entered a new product category in awhile. What. The. Shit. So wait, before WWDC, the discussion was about the unnecessary gaudiness of iOS but as soon as that shifts, the argument is no longer about "innovation" but about "product categories?" You can't just pretend the last year of tech news didn't happen and portray Apple as sitting on their ass. It's been three years since the iPad came out. Three years before that was the first iPhone. 6 years before that was the iPod. They're not behind on anything. Not to mention that Tim Cook said there will be a new product category this Fall, making that article useless and contrived.

8. I don't even want to mention the "End of Apple's Exceptionalism" that was widely panned and had many ridiculous points and assertions that disagreed with each other.

9. The Verge ran a story about what iOS 7 looks like on the iPad despite doing little to no research into what they were reporting. Instead of broadcasting real images, they were showing the iPhone version of iOS at the iPad's resolution. This would be forgivable if this were a hoax, but the source literally mentioned it.

10. The live vergecast after WWDC got many things wrong and panned the new OS because of it. Hell, this still goes back to the OTV with that designer; instead of talking about the new (and really great) adaptive text feature, they discussed how Helvetica Neue Ultralight is hard to read at small sizes. A large feature of the OS is that it intelligently bolds and changes the kerning of text when it gets smaller to make it easier to read. Sadly, this didn't make it into either video or discussion.

11. This piece describes how Apple took things from everyone and "remixed them." I think the tech community has worked pretty hard to cut out the whole "[company] stole this from [company]!!!" rhetoric because they all have been "inspired" by each other by now. Your article does nothing but create flame wars in the comment section for no reason. I mean, you even went so far as to say the frosted glass from iOS 7 is a "remix" of Windows Vista. I guess glass elements have never been seen before in Apple's design (beyond the glass-like orb buttons, the glassy Aqua buttons, the semi-translucent menu bar on OSX, and the Dock).

You see, I'm not trying to call you bias or yell, I just want to point out a pattern I've been noticing. This pattern is sloppy, overly judgmental, and reaching reporting regarding Apple and it's frankly getting to be too much. I've been here since TIMN and it's remained my favorite website since then (I frequently tell people IRL that I would kill to meet JTop heh) but it's recently getting difficult to overlook the trend you've picked up. Instead of in-depth (and largely fair) tech reporting, I've been getting this, 200 articles on the NSA, movie reviews, and relatively weaker tech reporting. I get the move to culture and I like it, but it seems that your tech articles are getting worse at the expense of political and cultural posts, which is Bad News Bears, IMO. On top of that, I have to sit through a full-page Samsung ad every time I go to your site and see those ads before watching your videos. It all adds up to a very meh experience and it's saddening. Maybe it's all in my head but I just miss the experience I had reading The Verge 6-12 months ago.