What's wrong with my S3?

So i have been checking out The Verge's forums for quite a while but never actually made an account but i decided to today because my S3 has been driving me absolutely crazy.

I don't if it's a hardware issue or a software issue but everytime i have lots of apps open or watching a youtube video in the browser (YES I WATCH YOUTUBE VIDS IN THE BROWSER) and have a couple of tabs open. when i press the home button, the home screen redraws. As in, there's delay leaving the app + plus all icons and widgets disappear and take time to load up. What the hell is up with that? Why is it removing the launcher from the memory?? I should mention though that i have the international version with 1 gb of ram but still, how can Samsung release the phone like this?. I've bought the smart phone since it's launch day and in all honestly i don't remember that happening in 4.0.4 or 4.1.2 only when i upgraded to 4.1.2. Is it a mistake Samsung has done that will be fixed in 4.2.2 update? Or is the problem arising from my phone having only 1 gb of ram? I am just so frustrated, the phone is perfect otherwise. I'm surprised nobody has ever encountered this issue.