After seeing Chris Grant on the vergecast, I realized something

Polygon REALLY needs a normal discussion podcast. They don't have to do one every single week, but when bigger games events and news hits, a normal discussion format for a podcast would serve them much better than their besties show.

Why do I think that? Did you SEE the last vergecast? I enjoyed hearing Chris, but I also got the sense that he was BURSTING with desire to talk about the show in that style of format. He seemed like a caged beast who'd been starved for weeks, Just DYING to get some spoken commentary out in the open. The vergecast was that release valve for him, and a torrent of discussion and thoughts flowed from him. Polygon needs to channel some of that in house though.

Incidentally, I meant to post this there, but for some reason I could not post to their meta forums.

ib4 someone tells me they have a normal podcast I am just not aware of.