iOS can not win in the Verge's eyes

I have been a huge Verge fan for many years, but lately I have become a little irked by their editorials. It was clear that the Verge staff became unhappy with iOS 6, and they had very high expectations for iOS 7. When iOS 7 was released, Josh basically wrote it off as ugly and unremarkable in his article. He had whined for years about things like the lack of toggles for wifi. Now that they are there Josh largely ignores them and continues to complain. This type of behavior is continued on the podcasts; the men on the verge think they are all switched to android, and that everyone in the world is doing the same. It is almost as if they want iOS to fail. I am not saying the Verge is biased against Apple, they are very fair with the reviews of OSX. It just seems that they will never be happy again sign iOS, no matter the changes they will always consider it less than android.