Windows Phone does not have X Feature!

I saw a couple of post recently about Windows phone not having a complete list of features.

  • Notification Center
  • Percent on the damn battery ( I am bitter about this one, And yes I know there are apps to do it)
  • Rotation Lock
  • Multi-Volume controls
  • 1080P
  • HEXACORE PROCESSORS- (Sorry couldn't resist but quad core processors, ya those are what I meant)

just to name a few of the missing features

Well I have a theory...

Normal people don't care about those features.

Now I personally thought they would. I got my Windows Phone about a month or two back. Many people ask what my phone is, the number one compliment is that it is slick... which it really is. I however do not like to mislead people so I do call attention to the lack of features/apps. The number one response to me telling them about the missing features is (drum roll...)

" I do not care about that stuff, does it have snap chat?"

The biggest deterrent right now for Windows Phone currently is apps. That is why Microsoft is not shoving features out at a breakneck pace. It is also why for the past few months it seems a new largerish name app will be released for Windows Phone each and every week.

Now I know this anecdotal evidence and that these features need to be implemented. I just believe that Microsoft has done their research and the hold up for most people buying their phones are the apps. So what do you think? Apps or features? What should Microsoft be focusing on?

( I know I want the features but that is just because I am not a heavy app user.)