Don't worry - By the end of the year, we'll all absolutely LOVE iOS 7

So I was one of those iOS 7 haters, that was until today when I loaded Beta 2 on my iPad Mini. It's gorgeous. Every single journalist is trashing it, even the guys over here are unsure of the future. But it's going to be okay. Once people have it in their hands, and once apps are updated to take advantage of the new scheme, it's going to be golden and most of us will even forget iOS 6 even existed.

The screenshots don't do it any justice. Looks great against black, and the overall color scheme works better for when you want to invert colors and you'll probably do it more because it looks better with this new look. Full screen notification center looks awesome too.

It's so refreshing coming from linen and leather.

So stop giving clicks to all the haters and wannabe designers.