CyanogenMod 10.1 stable released; is your device included?

The CyanogenMod Team today announced that CM10.1, which has been going through the nightly stage for the past few months, is going stable. Based on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, CyanogenMod includes advanced features, such as modifying quick settings, amping up performance and tweaking the system settings to the users' liking. It also comes pre-rooted with Koush's Superuser app pre-installed, which means you'll be able to use apps like ROM Manager and Titanium Backup immediately.

The Team said in their blog post that not all devices are included; Tegra 2 devices and some Samsung Exynos based devices aren't included in the release - there'll be a 'status report' for these devices later this week. In addition, devices which just received CM10.1 nightlies, like the ASUS Transformer Prime, will not get CM10.1 stable immediately.

Next on the roadmap for the CyanogenMod Team is the M-series snapshot releases, and adding new features like the Privacy Guard and camera quick settings tile, into nightly releases, which will continue to be released.

Download CM10.1 stable for your (supported) device at