Come on Sony...

TL;DR - Sony: Less bezel. More battery. Yesterday. The Note 3 is gonna eat your lunch.

(Firstly, I'm not a Sony hater. I'm typing this on a Vaio Z.)

Sony - you learned how to fix the bezel problem when you launched the Xperia ZL. No wasted space there, so why is there so much on the Ultra? At such a large size, you can't have so much bezel on the top and bottom. Samsung was able to do it properly with the mega. They just scaled the S4 to 150% and that was that. Why couldn't you do that with the ZL?

And the battery - Samsung and Motorola are at 3200 and 3300 mah batteries on their 720p displays with the Maxx and the Mega. You think 3000 is gonna be enough for a 6.4 inch, Snapdragon 800 powered 1080p display? 4000 might be enough, if not more.

It looks nice. But it won't when the Note 3 comes out.

And generally, I think this is the limit of phone sizes. Because any further, and pockets aren't big enough anymore. A note 2 stretches most peoples' pockets, and the Mega crosses the line with most. This will have an even larger problem, again, because of that wasted space at the top and bottom.

Sony makes nice phones. They just make some dumb decisions like this. But hopefully they learn not to preinstall a screen protector that fucks up the screen like they did with the Xperia Z.