Isolated like Rift or more social like the supposed Project Fortaleza.

We know a little about MS and Sony's future platforms. We know the base on which a crap load of things will be bolted on. One of the things that will be bolted on are headsets/glasses. Different strokes for different folks. In the leaked 56 page document out of MS last year it talked about Project Fortaleza (Kinect glasses) and showed some simple imagery about what it could do. "A revolution in the living room" it says. Showing people with glasses playing/being social together in the same room. It also talks about it being a mobile experience, too. Take it with you and do.... Something? I don't know. That isn't appealing. But the game application is. Rift is more of the isolated experience it seems. More for you to sit in your underwear and wonder a game world with no outside world with all its problems butting in. With MS, supposedly, making a pair of glasses to "enhance"(don't know how they work or what it will do) games, to me, it seems super unlikely for MS to support Rift officially. Which leaves Sony. Sony's platform has been known this gen for more single player experiences and story driven games. While MS was the more social/MP game platform, it seems. What's the likelihood Sony supports the Rift whilst MS does their own thing with Fortaleza? Both enhancing the experiences they are pushing and better known for? To me, it makes sense for Sony. I mean, David Cage would go nuts since it would allow for more "emotion" in storytelling. Much like other devs he is obsessed with tech being the key to good, emotional storytelling. I hope it works this way. Because then we get a generation where both systems are meaningfully different. Different strokes for different folks. Yay or nay? PS. OH GOD, WHY WON'T SPACES AND PARAGRAPHS WORK!? This makes no sense. I'M SORRY!