OK, So wats in your wishlist for Windows 8.2?

I know we still haven't got the final 8.1 feature list but we pretty well what we are gonna see in preview. So on basis of that I tried to compile my future requests:

1. Remove "Start" Text from the start screen & Make it configurable: Its really annoying to see this on top of my start screen and I would like to remove it at the earliest. Even better I want it to be configurable to some custom text or may be who knows a Notification center even.

What I mean is The area can be used to show the latest toast notification or may be on click of that toast notification the full list of toasts can be shown. This would be terrific. Its gonna solve 2 problems, mainly I get rid of text "Start" and use that valuable space for something extremely productive like a notification center!

2. A Live wallpaper: A live wallpaper might not be such a good idea for a tablet since it would consume lot of battery but its not such a bad option on laptops. I would like to see live wallpaper support on Windows 8 just like the way we see on Android.

3. More customization with Start screen: Yes the start screen is pretty much very customizable now with 4 different sizes of tiles, ability to set desktop background as start screen background etc but I would love to see more options.

I really admire that Xbox dashboard's start screen layout and I feel Xbox team has nailed Metro UI design with that kind of dashboard screen. Why cant we have something similar for Windows 8? It has this beautiful animation effect where in one set of tiles moves out and give space to new set of tiles. The ability to show all the tile group headers on top of Xbox dashboard screen is anathor thing which is visually very pleasing and wants me to like Metro.

This is one such effect. I would like to see lot more such options.

4. Finally I would like to see the ability to change Tile colours and provide options to set colour gradients there in.

5. A people app which is as good as that of People app on Windows Phone!

6. Controls on Tiles:

Yes, I know the ability to have controls on a Tile would make it more like an Android Widget but I would like to know whats wrong with it? Many a time I would like to control my music playback from the tile. I cant think of more scenarios than this as of now, but hey Windows developers are very talented to use this feature and create some really cool apps!

The start screen is face of Windows 8 and I would love see Microsoft providing more and more options to make the start screen Metro UI experience more and more amazing!