Bad Editor Behaviour from the Verge

Hey guys,

I'm going to do something I never ever do, but over the past year or so have felt left with little choice - complain. Complain about the Verge.

I have come to feel that the editors and writers of the Verge display very thinly-veiled contempt for its readers. This is especially apparent in the comment threads, when the author of an article is replying to comments on it. I, frankly, find it appalling the way the writers 'defend' their work by dismissing comments in such a bilious and pious manner. It has become particularly unbearable lately, and I'd like to explain further.

I am a published scientist. When I write a paper and submit it for publication to a peer-review journal, and that paper is declined because the reviewer did not understand the paper, then that is because I wrote my paper badly, not because the reviewer is stupid. They failed to understand, or completely misunderstood, what I am trying to explain in my paper because I did not do a good enough job explaining it in the most concise manner. This is writing 101, guys, and a rule I feel the Verge team have forgotten as of late.

If a comedian tells a joke and the audience do not laugh, the joke is bad. If a musician plays a song and the audience do not clap, it is a bad song. If a Verge editor writes an article about iPhoto vs Instagram, and his audience do not understand his point, he has failed in his duty as an editor, NOT that his audience are wrong. He should therefore NOT proceed to put-down and alienate his audience in the comment thread. Josh Topolsky tweeting that they 'must have done something right' referring to all the bias arguments lately is petulant, and unnecessary for an EIC of such an esteemed website to be doing. Don't tar us all with the same brush.

I understand trolls, and editors' needs to defend their work, but there's a dignified way to do this. The Verge team should be the benchmark, and lately I feel they have fallen short of this, resorting to simply trolling their readers in retort to a few nasty comments. There will always be trolls, but they're so obvious that they're easy enough to avoid. Don't then treat every negative comment with such flagrant disregard. Sometimes, the point of some of these editorials is incredibly trivial, and your readers have every right to question and challenge that. Having an engaged readership is something you should nurture, not dismiss.

Have some perspective, guys. Is it really worth trying to create your own little class system, when it's your readers who count the most, at the end of the day?

Perhaps I'm reading far too much into this, but let me know what you all think.