Am I the only one who likes/liked Vista ?

Windows Vista is widely seen as a failure. I also have been quick to criticise it, without even using it. I was an extremely late adopter of Windows 7, using Windows XP until mid last year when I finally bought a new PC. Since then I've become more comfortable with running different OSes, and decided that I would finally give Vista a try to see if all the hate is really valid. And here's my conclusion....I love it !

Windows Vista actually runs faster on my PC which shipped with Windows 7. Lets be clear first, both were clean copies of Windows, no OEM crapeware in sight, but I can honestly say, Vista runs even better on it that 7. For general speed, the best versions of Windows I've used are Vista and 8. 7 is decent and a very stable OS, but after my Vista experience, the only thing that beats it for me is 8.

So what do you think ? Was Vista really as terrible as everyone makes out ?