What is the point of the Army, Core and Tribe?

On other websites it has always been clear to me, if you wanted to ask a question about / comment on / praise / hate on iOS you post that in the Apple forum and similarly for Google and Microsoft related things.

But here on the Verge it isn't that clear, or at least not for everyone. Post are not always made in the forum the post is mainly about.

Some believe each forum is a club just for people who like or are affiliated with that company. Posts are made to discredit a product of company A but are posted in forum B instead.
This is sometimes said to be done just get the opinions of the people affiliated with another product then the main subject but I often feels like people who like and know more about the subject are intentionally left out and shunned.

The most recent example of this and the post that led me to write this post was in the Apple Core : We really have it good by extacee1990:

“I see a whole lot more talk about Android in the Core than I see about Apple in the Army.”
Because Android people keep coming over here and comparing and trashing Apple, hence people like OP make an effort and go over there to check out the grass.

i'll refrain myself from commenting on the nature of this post or even the whole thread itself but this is exactly what I'm talking about.

This idea we don't all share often leads to inflammatory remarks and in my opinion a very unorganised forum.

So my question to the Verge staff (and the readers) is: Are the Army, Core and Tribe meant as a category for the main subject of your post or are they meant to be special clubs for the user who are most affiliated with that product or company?