Google Edition Eve - What would you do?

If you're planning on trying to snag a Google Edition Galaxy S4 or HTC One, maybe you're thinking what I'm thinking.

There's probably going to be a crazy limited supply so unless you feel like waiting for months, you'll probably have to be ready to pull the trigger the minute these things go on sale tomorrow.

That's tough given we have no idea how Google plans to handle some of the more unique hardware aspects of these devices.

Will the S4's extra sensors work or simply be turned off?

Will the HTC One's camera be just as awesome in low light?

My gut tells me the S4 is going to be the most straightforward of the two because of the normal camera and 3 button configuration. Micro SD is nice to have too.

The One certainly has the nicer build, but I wonder if it'll be more limited by some of its hardware peculiarities.

What do you think?

Also, anybody have any experience with how these on-sales usually work? When do you think they'll go live? What's the best way (other than refreshing all night long) to know the moment they're up?