Metro UI - love it? Hate it?

Hello! ;)

Given the iOS overhaul and Metro on WP8 and Windows, and the heated debate on UI design just a few days ago, I'm guessing you guys have some idea on what good design is and what isn't.

So, is Metro (on WP8/Windows) good design or not?

I wanted to get an overall sense of the opinion on both sides of the forums so I had posted a similar one about the Start Screen in the Tribe. So far, people said they wanted more "depth" and order to the design language, but I haven't heard from you guys yet.

PS. Note that this isn't a war between iOS and Metro. Nothing about the title or the discussion question above says anything about iOS. Thanks!

PPS. I used the word 'Metro' because there isn't another better word / phrase for it. Modern UI sounds clumsy IMHO.

Cheerios! ;)