The Verge is to blame for iOS 7 confusion.


I know ios supporters have been upset about the lack of in depth reporting on a operating system and a company that rarely gives insight into what they are working on, when they are releasing new products, or the inner workings of their company.

I mean look at all the in depth reporting they have done on google and android who has allowed them access to their lead designer Matias Duarte, and products heads such as hugo Berra. ios users should expect the same kind of first hand explanation from the verge regarding ios, I mean whose fault is it that ios has been left to wild interpretation by the press? The press or the secretive apple who doesn't even allow access to their lead designer?The clear answer is the press my friends.

I mean Jony Ive could have sat down with any tech publication and explained himself and his choices and his ideas on design and where he sees things going like say Windows and android design teams have, but that is too much, and I agree with him.

So instead we get Josh trying on google glasses the verge team going to mountain view and sitting down with executives.

So instead we get Tom Warren visits to Microsoft labs and seattle and getting insight into the future of Microsoft products and their decision choices.

But with Apple we get Apple holding giant conferences with the whole tech press invited to show off ios, streaming it on apple TV, and having a full webpage dedicated to ios 7. The explanation....telling us how amazing ios 7 is and a wall drying video of Jony ive speaking one word every 5 seconds and screen shots of ios 7.

SO who is to blame for the lack of in depth coverage of ios 7 and the wild explanations and differentiating opinions on how it looks and functions? well fellow ios fans the answer is clear, its Josh T. and his band for horrible reporters for not kidnapping Jony Ive and apple executives forcing them to explain anything.

You know what the verge could have done instead\? Waited for ios 7 to be fully released with the new iphone (when? nobody knows). I mean I expected the verge to take a step back and realize this is a beta version of ios. I mean so what if they spent money on covering the event and publishing the 40+ articles on WWDC. Apple invited the whole tech press, streamed the event, had a fancy web page, a commercial with none other than Sir Jony Ive. Is it too much for Apple to expect the tech media would treat this as just a beta release?