My HTC One Review

Unlike many others who only experience a single platform, I came with the knowledge of using Apple's own top iPhones such as the 4S, and 5 as long as Google's own phone the Nexus 4.

As of the past 14 days I have used a phone they call the One, but personally as a past owner of the Nexus, I find this phone in my opinion should be called "The Better Nexus".

As Im with At&t their's no real advantage to buying phones off contact; Myself purchasing the Nexus off contract was an opportunity to try out Google's sponsor devices with their own take on Android, how it should look and feel.

But even with the very attractive price the Nexus had, the One I purchased on contract came with a very attractive price tag of it own. It was bundled with a accessory that sells for $200 on eBay, I had a $30 discount from my employer, and got a $25 Play Store gift card from HTC, and with the actually phone only being $99, in the end the phone didn't cost me a single cent and even left me a surplus of $155. Which I would call a very good deal.

I really did enjoy my time with the Nexus, but there were some things that because of that small price tag seemed missing, or LG decided to use cheaper parts to keep that $299/$349 price tag. Items such as the camera, the speakers (placement thereof), lack of LTE, glass back, the poor lcd display, and battery life made a great phone just a good phone over time. The One seemed to improve on every one of these issues.

The One's Great camera, (although only 4mp) the Sensor is much larger and nighttime photos or dim shots come out very clear and bright. And with a excellent rapid shooting mode as well as many other setting the nexus just didnt have due to the lack of features in the stock camera app.

The Speakers are just fantastic on the One. From this point on, it will be quite hard to connivence me to buy a phone that doesn't include dual front facing stereo speakers, something I appreciate every day as my job and break area are quite loud, and don't make for easy video watching without headphones. I just can't understand why it took this long for any manufacture to put the speakers on the front of the phone, I feel the jump was like going from VHS to Blu ray, and something thats near impossible to go back to the latter.

Now I really didn't mind the 3G and 4G speeds I would pick up on the Nexus (After some heavy troubleshooting), As I would mostly use it on Wifi, with an average 6-7mbps on 4G, but with the One not only do I find the LTE fast but it's changing how and when I use my phone, when I get an average of 30 to even 45mbps, HD Video, Netflix, Pandora, and quicker Google searches become a much better experience.

One thing I came to really enjoy was after a long restful sleep I would wake up in the morning and grab my cold aluminum iPhone 5 in the morning, and check the time and current tech news. This is something that I not only missed from the Nexus but in return was given a sheet of glass, not even gorilla glass to instantly shatter upon dropping. Now Im glad I never had to bend down to pick up my broken Nexus 4 from the hard cold ground, as I'm I very careful with my devices, and mind you I don't use cases on these devices, so with the One's all aluminum body, it is really nice to have that feeling of the cold metal phone back in my hands.

Now the display on the Nexus was not that bad, but the colors were a bit off and using the display out doors was quite bad coming from the previous iPhone 5. The One's display is just amazing, indoors and out. And Packing a 1080p display into a 4.7inches, with 468ppi is just maddening. As well as watching 1080p video is just breathtaking, complete with those stereo speakers is just jaw dropping.

The Battery life of the One, which I had my doubt at first, due to many other reviews going back and forth between good and poor results, I found that the One for me not only surpassed the Nexus's 4 battery of barely supporting me for a single day, but I find that on light use I achieved 2 days of battery life and with heavy use I could easily get 1 to 1 1/2 days, something impossible on my nexus 4.

A few other things I enjoyed while using the phone was the IR Blaster, which I find I use daily to turn on my computer monitor and change inputs for my gaming consoles. Also I find HTC Shine interface very nice even when compared to the simplistic ui of stock Android. And with the quad core processor in the One I found that even with HTC's skin on it, speed was never an issue.

Now with every device there are always some flaws, but with the One there are few, at all. When I did use the Nexus 4 and because it was off contract, AT&T did not restrict you from tethering or using hotspot on any plan, but with the One being on contract, AT&T requires a change of plan to use these "included features". Also included with the AT&T version of the One is their bloatware, and there is quite a lot. But as an experienced Android user I do plan to root the device later to resolve these two issue, but this is something i don't think the average smartphone user will take on.

One other thing I found annoying was the power button, not so much the placement of it, being on the top left side, but it's very flush with the phone, and as this button is a combination of a power switch and ir blaster, most cases will not cover it up so that u can use the ir blaster, leaving a small hole for you to push your finger into to turn on and off the device, which can become annoying over time.

So after two weeks of use with the One, and comparing to previous experiences I had with other phones as the Nexus 4 and iPhone 5, I feel this phone is not only the best of both worlds but a fantastic phone I could recommend to anyone and something I look forward to enjoying over my 2 years.

But until the next great phone comes to be, for now I will continue to have at my side the only phone that works for me, the One and only, HTC One.